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AMMAR 808 announces new album Global Control / Invisible Invasion

The Tunisian AMMAR 808 unveils the song “Marivere Gati”, first extract from upcoming album on Glitterbeat Records.

After his debut album Maghreb United released in 2018 – an exciting mix of deep bass TR-808 and pan-Maghrebian rhythms and vocals – Sofyann Ben Youssef aka AMMAR 808, member of the Tunisian band Bargou 08 unveils the single “Marivere Gati” produced in Chennai, India.

It features Carnatic’s singer Susha to create a track that blends futuristic syncopations with a hypnotic and timeless narration. The song is a tribute to the goddess Meenakshi, who is an avatar of Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion. The lyrics of the song translate to: “Apart from you, divine mother, who else on this earth can protect us? Those who fall on your feet, completely abandoning their ego, you protect them, take care of them. Meenakshi, I believe in you.”

The album Global Control / Invisible Invasion will be released on September 18th on Glitterbeat Records.