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"Worry", the call of hope from Songhoy Blues

The psychedelic Malian blues band announced their next album with a new music video shot in the streets of Bamako.

After Music in Exile and Resistance, Malian band Songhoy Blues announced their long-awaited third album with the single “Worry”. This song is produced by renowned guitarist Matt Sweeney and recorded in New York. The single spreads a message of hope in these tumultuous times. Songhoy Blues tells about “Worry”:

“The difficulties of life still weigh heavily on our societies, pushing many young people into deadlock. We decided to spread a positive energy with the song, a ray of hope for mankind by encouraging people to never stop fighting because in the end, you’re bound to find the light.”

Songhoy Blues

“Worry” is accompanied by a fantastic performance filmed last month in Bamako by Malian director Fansé Sanogo, based on an original concept by the group. More rock, harder but also more optimistic, the song is also aimed at a wider international audience. Sung entirely in English for the first time, the song features Malian polyrhythms and powerful blues riffs that set Songhoy Blues apart from all the other bands.