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Rapper Ocean‑Jade unveils debut single "Becki"

Close to Dope Saint Jude, the Zimbabwean-born rapper shares a debut single which refers to Beyoncé.

Born in Zimbabwe, in Bulawayo in “the city of kings”, Ocean-Jade is part of one of London’s major event companies (Hip Hop LDN). The artist is involved in the London Bollywood scene and discovers herself as a rapper when she arrives in the capital. Today, she operates as an MC across Europe and the Middle East through Nando’s Music Exchange, alongside artist Dope Saint Jude.

The title of the song “Becki” is a cheeky pun referring to “Becky with the good hair” in Beyoncé’s song “Sorry” released in 2016.

“Becki” highlights the way women are perceived in today’s society, from the idealised body types to how they are told to act or be. She ties the track together with the comical lyrics that bring you in, the juxtaposition of the serious subject matter mirroring the contradictions in the point the track is making.