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With “True Story”, Show Dem Camp joins forces with Burna Boy to export the Palmwine

Show Dem Camp continues to bring their Palmwine Express album to life with new music video of “True Story”, featuring Burna Boy.

In December 2019, after starting the year by releasing their fourth mixtape, Clone Wars Vol. IV “These Buhari Times”, the Nigerian rapping duo Show Dem Camp completed the decade with Palmwine Express. An album that the band continues to bring new visuals to their songs. Today, it’s their featuring with the African giant Burna Boy, “True Story”, which receives a new boost thanks to a futuristic 3D animation where we follow the protagonists in full export of Palmwine.

Inherited from a Liberian people, the Kru, palmwine music historically mixes local melodies, played with guitars imported by Portuguese sailors, with rhythms from the calypso. Literally “palm wine”, this name was given to it in reference to the public who drank palm wine during the gatherings where the artists played. Although Show Dem Camp’s album is far from the foundations of Palmwine, it takes up the process by mixing calypso and Yoruba music with more contemporary influences (hip hop, afrobeats, R&B).

This delightful mix of textures offers a great musical richness to their album, between tradition and innovation. On “True Story”, we easily switch from the almost conventional and incredibly efficient flow of rappers Tec and Ghost to the bewitching R&B of Burna Boy. All this on an afrobeat production, with a ballad look, which rocks us with piano and synthetic melodies.

Also creators of the Palmwine festival, founded in 2017 in Lagos, Show Dem Camp haven’t finished recounting their stories and exporting their music as intoxicating as palm wine. So grab your tickets for the Palmwine Express and don’t waste a drop.