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Blacksea Não Maya are back via Príncipe with a new EP, Máquina de Vênus
© Marta Pina

Blacksea Não Maya are back via Príncipe with a new EP, Máquina de Vênus

Five years after their last EP on the Lisbon label with Calor No Frioo, the kuduro trio is back with an eight-track project scheduled for 4 September.

Producer brothers DJ Kolt and Noronha and their friend DJ Perigoso are once again teaming up again on Máquina de Vênus, an eight-track EP in which they let their souls speak for themselves and shaped music straight from another dimension, as stated in the press release. The first track we listen to, “Africanalidade”, immediately brings us back to the familiar and characteristic sound of Príncipe.

In addition to this release, the band has just recorded a hybrid set at the occasion of the digital edition of the Nyege Nyege Festival 2020, which will be held from the 3rd to 6th of September.

Blacksea Não Maya’s new sound explorations will be on display from the 4th of September via Príncipe. Check out the cover of Máquina de Vênus directed by Márcio Matos below.