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Listen to Superjazzclub's first call on "Cellular"

The Ghanaian collective Superjazzclub unveils the first single “Cellular” from their upcoming eponymous EP scheduled for release later this year.

After their previous EP Bordeaux, the Ghanaian collective Superjazzclub continues on its way with a new single entitled “Cellular”. Composed of seven people, four artists (BiQo, Ansah Live, Seyyoh and Øbed) and three backstage people (Joey Turks, Oliver North, Anthony Orleans-Lindsay), Superjazzclub is an alternative music group that mixes jazz variations in their music.

Written and produced by band members such as Ansah Live, BiQo, Seyyoh and Øbed, while Joey Turks builds the percussion for part of the song, the title calls for vocal performances ranging from sung verses to rap to stacked background vocals. “Cellular” draws its inspiration from a variety of sources, including movies and lifestyles, in particular the street carnivals of the Caribbean.

Imbued with reggae-hiphop, with punchy bass and horns, the song is the first single of their future and first EP Cellular. For the artist Ansah Live, the song was made “around the same time we first watched Donald Glover’s ‘Guava Island’ and the final scene where people paraded the streets heavily influenced the last section of Cellular. The music the people paraded to had so much energy and we tried to create that feeling with Cellular.”

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