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South-African duo Batuk releases new song, “Iyeza”
Carla Fonseca aka Manteiga

South‑African duo Batuk releases new song, “Iyeza”

Singer Carla Fonseca aka Manteiga and producer Spoek Mathambo are coming back with “Iyeza”, an ode to healing with love.

First there is the captivating voice of Manteiga and then the energy of traditional trance matched to the singular rhythm of kwaito — a languorous house born in Johannesburg in the 90s. With its tasty mix of meditative basslines and heady vocals, Batuk‘s new track “Iyeza”, to translate as “medicine” or “cure”, reflects the identity of the current South African electronic landscape.

The band, founded in 2015, embodies the international effervescence of South Africa. They were on tour in all corners of the world. The post-apartheid generation has not finished to make the planet dance.

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