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Zazu gets feature with Club Identity project

The French label Community Center, recently launched by Charles Pasteur, boosts a young, local DJ every month. This time, it’s the turn of Zazu, a daring Rennes-based artist who aims to shake up the codes of the “afro” scene.

From South African gqom to the tribal sounds of Morocco and electro-breaké, Zazu takes us on a sound journey without borders. Her experiences in the clubs of Rennes and Paris have sharpened his global and transversal vision of music, with ever more adventurous selections. This Amazon from Rennes attended Breton free parties very early on and skilfully mixes the legacies that are close to her heart to create exciting hybrid vibes. This is exactly what she comes to deliver in the second volume of the Club Identity project, juggling between registers with disconcerting ease to compose an incredibly liberating experience.

This series of Mixed CDs is also an opportunity to affirm the vision of the new label, which aims to bring new talent to light. In these times of club closures, it’s good to invite the power and expression of DJ talent into our homes. 

Order the Club Identity 02 CD on Bandcamp.