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The Yussef Dayes Trio releases new live album
© Florian Joahn

The Yussef Dayes Trio releases new live album

Welcome To The Hills is Yussef Dayes’ new live experience LP. The British drummer is accompanied by Rocco Palladino (bass) and Charlie Stacey (keys/synthesis) in a work recorded at a Copenhagen concert from 2019.

Welcome To The Hills was recorded in Copenhagen in 2019, in what was to be the trio’s final performance: “There was something special about this performance … The raw energy, focus, determination & freedom to take our music to the next level. It feels more right than ever to release this live recording, as there have been no shows this year … So we want to give you, the listener, the chance to participate and enter the Yussef Dayes trio live experience.” explains the group. In this 12-track project (soon to be available on vinyl), Yussef Dayes declares: “These songs are the spirituals I swam with against the waves.

Yussef Dayes Trio – Welcome To The Hills (Live Album)

This year has been very prolific for the drummer, who teamed up with Tom Misch on What Kinda Music, a 100% South London jazz-inflected album whose drum beats resonated all the way to the legendary jazz label Blue Note Records. The London born-and-bred artist also co-produced and drummed “Hate The Club,” a song from Kehlani’s latest album and remixed Pa Salieu’s “Frontline.” His freedom as a composer and his connection with the current British scene make him one of the best representatives of that culture.  

The live album will be released on February 26, 2021 on vinyl. Pre-order it here.


1. Black Love ~ Amazonian Springs

2. Jamaican Links

3. Odyssey

4. Gully Side

5. For My Ladies (Live in Copenhagen, July 9, 2019)

6. Palladino Sauce

7. Welcome to the Hills

8. Yesterday Princess

9. Encore ~ Babylon Burning

10. Purple Skies ~ Libations

11. Ride Out

12. Nipsey Tha Great