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Rosario summons afro house to the bar with his Muasi Kitoko EP

After a one year break, Angolan producer Rosario is back in full force on Seres Produções with a new EP of solid and sunny afro house. PAM invites you to listen to an exclusive premiere of the track “Diala”.

In recent weeks, the label Seres Produções shows a willingness to return to the roots by signing more and more Angolan producers, like the recent releases of Zakente or Fabyo Gomez. “Like many Angolan artists who have already contributed to the Afro house movement, I believe that Angola continues to provide unique productions and artists capable of expanding and enriching this culture,” says the Luanda-born artist. Now based in Lisbon, Rosario got sucked into the Afro house galaxy in 2011 by sharing his ideas on edits and remixes, before getting serious about production following the positive feedback raining down on his SoundCloud page. In 2014, a certain DJ Satelite praised the effectiveness of his track “Nua Uno,” then naturally recruited him to his label to help him release tracks that are now timeless, like his collaborations with South Africans Jackie Queens and Lebo SNookums. Rosario recalls, “Since then, Satelite has not only become a mentor, but we have developed a strong friendship through music and shared many experiences together. Both of us living in Lisbon made it easier to work and exchange ideas.

On this new delivery of two tracks, Rosario proves that he is far from being rusty despite a year of quasi-silence, and confirms his status as an essential artist of the genre while remaining faithful to his leitmotiv: “I think that my music has evolved organically in the sense that I have never tried to adapt to the trends or popular sounds of different times“, he tells us, “I remain attached to what I think I can bring to the scene“. In addition, Rosario confides that “Diala” and “Muasi Kitoko” mark an important period in his life: “these two songs come as a celebration of my recently announced admission to the Portuguese Bar Association, a goal I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time!

Muasi Kitoko available May 7th via Seres Produções