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Pan African Rap: Wangechi, B‑Threy & Cassper Nyovest

Also including new music from Wakadinali, Tachaikabo, Himra, Payne Industry, Abidoza, DJ Sumbody and Strongman.

Each week Pan African Music scours the digital vaults for the latest and greatest rap from across the African continent and its diaspora. Drill, trap, grime, Afropop, amapiano, coupé-décalé, electro mahragan… all these sub-genres and interpretations make an appearance, attesting to hip-hop’s power to unite the world with indomitable flows and creative melodies. Rap is now the world’s music, and our pan-African selection is only scratching the surface. If it’s here, it means we think it bumps, and would be confident sharing it with hip-hop heads everywhere. We encourage you to do the same.

This week’s Pan African Rap roundup features the remarkable collaboration of Wangechi and Wakadinali, unhinged Ivorian energy, B-Threy’s latest kinyatrap hit, South African amapiano stars living their best life, and Strongman’s aspiration to the divine.

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Wangechi & Wakadinali
“Romantic Rivals”

Kenya, May 2nd, 2022

Kenyan rapper Wangechi partners up with Nairobi-based trio Wakadinali in new single “Romantic Rivals”. Mixing English and Swahili, she’s the clear standout on the track, starting 2022 on a hot streak. We’re impatiently waiting for Kiki Session 2.   

Tchaikabo, Himra & Payne Industry
“Mouiller Maillot”

Ivory Coast, March 22nd, 2022

Tchaikabo meets fellow rapper Himra and the duo Payne Industry (made up of cousins Philip and Lil) in this pure Ivorian product entitled “Mouiller Maillot”. In an unhinged clip, the band bumps through the streets gripping their sweat drenched maillot and carrying a portable sound system. Pure energy. 


Rwanda, April 30th, 2022

Kinyatrap ambassador B-Threy dropped his latest single “Ambanga”, just a month after the release of his mixtape Muheto Wa Mbere. The Rwandan rapper manages to stay consistent since his breakout hit of Bushali’s 2018 single “Nituebe” where he was featured and enrich Kigali’s popping scene.

“Diamond Walk” feat. Cassper Nyovest and DJ Sumbody

South Africa, April 29th, 2022

Abidoza, Cassper Nyovest and DJ Sumbody are living their best life with massive cigars in hand for their new amapiano single “Diamond Walk”. Cassper’s smooth flow is a welcome addition to Abidoza and DJ Sumbody’s dual production.

“Rap God”

Ghana, April 29th, 2022

Ghanaian rapper Strongman seeks to live up to his name with the release of his new single “Rap God”. With a polished choreography, sharp visuals and a strong delivery, the young artist aspires for the divine and is shooting for the Detroit rapper who gave himself the same title.

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