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Analog Africa highlights the origins of champeta

With La Locura de Machuca 1975 – 1980, the label compiles crazy Afro-Caribbean tracks from an old Colombian record company called “Discos Machuc”.

The new Analog Africa compilation La Locura de Machuca compiled over a time span of 10 years by Samy Ben Redjeb, Lucas Silva and Mateo Rivano. This project is the story of one man’s bizarre odyssey into the psychedelic underground of Colombian Afro-Champeta, and the creation of South America’s wildest music label – Discos Machuca.

From one day to the next, Rafael Machuca decides to leave his job as a tax lawyer to create his record company, Discos Machuca. The visionary guru devotes his life to bringing out of the shadows the most hypnotic sounds of his country. While bolero and vallenato were well placed in the charts, it was the African sounds of traditional cumbia that set the neighbourhood parties alight. Marginal music groups began to fuse Colombian and African rhythms with a strong rhythmic base of bass and percussion, taking precedence over the psychedelic rock guitar melody accompanied by vocals and synthesizer. While the label made money by releasing popular hits by legends such as Alejandro Durán and Aníbal Velásquez, this money was then reinvested in a unique series of experimental releases such as La Banda Africana, King Somaliland, Conjunto Barbacoa and Abelardo Carbono, one of the godfathers of the champeta criolla.

The tracks from La Locura de Machuca, collected in the darkest and strangest corners of the catalog of Discos Machuca, have something unique and timeless.

Find some of La Locura de Machuca 1975 – 1980 in our playlist Songs of the Week on Spotify and Deezer.

La Locura de Machuca 1975 – 1980 will be released on October 16th on a vinyl/record LP and in digital format via Analog Africa.


1.Eberebijara – Samba Negra   03:30

2.Monkey´s Dance – King Somalie   02:34 

3.Tamba – El Grupo Folclórico   03:18 

4.El Campanero – Los Viajeros Siderales   02:58 

5.Ayu – Rio Latino   03:09 

6.La Mazamorra Del Diablo – Aníbal Velásquez 03:13

7.Mosquita Muerta – La Francachela  03:13

8. Juipiti – El Grupo Folclórico   02:25

9. Le Monqui – King Somalie   03:24

10. El Tornillito – El Grupo Folclórico   02:29

11. Long Life Africa – Samba Negra   04:40

La Locura de Machuca 1975 – 1980