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Jyellowl unveils "Mademoiselle" music video

A lyrical work that’s both personal and collective, the Irish rapper reflects on the ideals of being oneself before attempting to please others. 

The melodic line on the piano accompanies his phrasing on the border between rap and song. After “Jewels” and “Doesn’t Feel Like”, the third single from Jyellowl’s album does not dissapoint. The track was born out of collaboration with artist Chris Kabs who composed the music. Jyellowl, naturally, wrote the lyrics where he talks about the importance of loving yourself before trying to please other and enjoying your loved ones while they are still around.

The question of identity is an important theme for the rapper whose music is the fruit of multiple backgrounds: born in Jamaica of Nigerian parents, he grew up in Dublin where rap took a central place in his life. With a degree in politics from UCD University in Dublin, his music explores social and economic conflicts, racism and more. He also spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Black Live Matter movement in Dublin.

The stars are lining up for Jyellowl with yet another exciting piece of news: the Irish rapper will appear in season 3 of the BBC’s The Rap Game UK. The documentary is showcasing rappers across areas within the UK and Ireland, giving MCs the exposure they deserve.

Listen to JyellowL in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

The album 2020 D|vision will be out on 4 December 2020.