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Brand new track from Bryte ahead of dancefloor EP

Ghanaian artist Bryte announces a new 4 track EP with the release of the single “Radio” produced by Famous Eno.

Bryte is set to drop 4 tracks that will melt the dancefloors. Tapping into the bassy productions of Brussels based producer Le Motel, Halal Dog, The Busy Twist and Famous Eno, Bryte’s “DNM” EP is full of deep down and dirty vibes. Bryte’s vocals are the conductor to a dense body of work that slaps with a fervor. The single “Radio” has a lot of breath to space out the clubby kicks, but is still undeniably a banger. “Honda” is a r&b detour before finishing off the EP with the headspinning claps of The Busy Twist on “Good One Deh”. 

Bryte, a Ghanaian artist has been getting attention since receiving the Africa Unsigned Talent award in 2012. Often collaborating with local talent like Gafacci and FOKN Bois, Bryte has since made international moves, living in the UK and acquiring accolades abroad and penning underground club classics like “I Like Your Girlfriend”.

Bryte’s DNM EP out May 16. Preorder here.

Listen to “Radio” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.