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Kay Slice is "Takin it Home" in new video

The Dutch-Ghanaian rapper and producer releases the visuals to a fan favorite off his latest album From Back to Back about returning to his Ghanaian roots.

Kay Slice is a fast rising artist from the Netherlands who uses his unique blend of hip-hop, soul, Ghanaian groove, afrobeats and highlife to speak to fans from around the world. His music speaks to self-love, identity, finding yourself and connecting deeply with ones’ roots, as is the case in his most recent music video for “Takin it Home”. The track features Ghanaian artist and producer Reynolds The Gentleman who produced the track and invited live instrumentation from Peter Somuah (Trumpet), Bright Osei Baffour (Lead Guitar) and Adu Berks (Drums) to bring a highlife vibe to the track.

In the video Kay Slice appears Ghana, wearing traditional garb, rapping about eating Fufu and finishing with a local dance party. Overall the clip is a celebration of homecoming and returning to his roots as a first generation Ghanaian in the Netherlands.

Speaking about the inspiration for the track, Kay Slice says, “When you’re listening to ‘Takin It Home’, the sun will start shining straight way. It’s that feeling of home, from the food to the hot weather and the smell, it is literally about the feeling of coming home to Ghana. The song is a fusion of hip-hop and organic Ghanaian sounds. Palm wine music is the foundation of this uplifting homage to home, while the trumpets remind me of the brass bands I used to hear when I was in Cape Coast in Ghana. The song is uplifting and a musical invite to dance and have fun”.

Listen to “Takin it Home” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.