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A dedicated mix celebrating African football in 15 songs
The Léopards of DRC dancing "Fimbu", 2017

A dedicated mix celebrating African football in 15 songs

While the 33rd edition of the African Cup of Nations is about to kick off in Cameroon, PAM and Mixanthrope present you with a selection of songs that will pump you up to score some goals. 

Like every two years, starting January 9, 2022, football will take over the continent for the African Cup of Nations (CAN), this time hosted by Cameroon. While the fervour will easily win over fans and non fans alike, artists will not be left out of the craze, as it has been the case for over 50 years. Indeed, helped by patriotic feelings, heroic feats and team spirit, sport has been and remains a great source of inspiration for singers and musicians. To prepare your supporters’ songs, give rhythm to your matches and celebrate victory, PAM via Boris Paillard’s alias DJ Mixanthrope‘s present you a list of French-speaking African songs dedicated to football over the last 50 years. 

I’m a French DJ with a passion for African music officiating since 2015“, the digger explains. “After being a booking agent in Ghana for the Akwaaba Music label, I moved to Berlin in 2017 where I quickly started a monthly event series called ‘African Beats & Pieces’ whose aim is to invite DJs to explore particular themes. Beyond these sweaty parties, I regularly curate themed mixes with care.”

Neba Solo – Can 2002 (2019 remastered version)

Whether they are ordered by institutions, sponsors or come straight from the hearts of musician-supporters, the songs presented here aim to unite people around the international sport. Footballers themselves are often featured in the lyrics, such as Cameroonian legends Samuel Eto’o, Roger Milla or Gadji Celi, who wore the two hats of football star and singer in his native Ivory Coast.

Today, legendary retired players like Drogba and Eto’o are still patrons of certain music scenes and are regularly quoted in the libanga of Congo and elsewhere. So there is a multitude of songs dedicated to the celebration of the sport beyond the plagiaristic and musical disaster of Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka‘ or the official CAN-sponsored anthems often watered down to please the common denominator. In this pool of music that talks about football, I have therefore concentrated on more obscure and (or perhaps because!) more representative of the sounds of the land.” 

May the best win!

Mixanthrope (African Beats & Pieces) · “On Va Gagner !” • L’Afrique En Chansons Du Ballon Rond

00:00 • Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz – “F.C. 105 du Gabon” (DRC)
01:59 • Marie Helen Et Ses Créol’s – “Séga Le Sport” (La Réunion)
05:10 • Black So Man – “Burkina 98” (Burkina Faso)
07:27 • Longuè Longuè – “Samuel Eto’o” (Cameroon)
09:12 • Petit Pays – “Gagnez gagnez” (Cameroon)
11:23 • BlvckBurn – “Gboka” (Bénin)
14:10 • Djogol Culture – “Mena” (Niger)
19:02 • Omar Pene & Super Diamono – “Supporter” (Sénégal)
21:11 • Neba Solo – “CAN 2002” (Mali)
24:19 • Gadji Celi – “Maroc 88” (Ivory Coast)
27:59 • Sékouba Bambino – “Sily National 2000” (Guinea)
32:50 • Pépé Kallé – “Roger Milla” (DRC)
37:16 • Felix Wazekwa – “Léopards Fimbu Na Fimbu Champions Chan 2016” (DRC)
40:46 • Collectif Mbole Tara – “CAN 2022” (Cameroon)
43:09 • Manu Dibango – “Hymne de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations 1972” (Cameroon)