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Yugen Blakrok returns for her “Pedestal”

The South African rapper brings her misty, hypnotic and powerful style up to date in a new video. 

In her first new single in two years, Yugen Blakrok breaks the limits of her mind to explore her own dimension, in a fascinating “quest of the self”. Here are a few words the rapper shared about her new powerful track: “Concepts. Idols. Civilizations. We build and we destroy. ‘Pedestal’ is about building oneself and breaking the mould. Growing, expanding and still remaining true to the spark. The pedestal is a physical framework for the senses. Civilization after civilization, it carries the weight of great symbols and the foundation of cultural and social edifices.

Growing up in the Eastern Cape and influenced by the political, militant and spiritual aspects of hip-hop, Yugen has been on the South African (and global) rap scene for over a decade. Her music, firmly rooted in the mind-set of the lyrical 90’s, has been gaining considerable recognition notably through her two albums Return of the Astro-Goth (2013) and Anima Mysterium (2019). In between European shows, a COLORS Studios performance and recording sessions in France, she found the time to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar in 2018 for the Black Panther soundtrack. “Pedestal” should be her “final message before retreating back into the mist to write her next album”.

Listen to “Pedestal” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.