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Binker and Moses expand the boundaries of jazz on Feeding The Machine

The London duo returns with samples and synthesizers, announcing a new album heralded by the track “Accelerometer Overdose”. 

Over the years, Binker Golding and Moses Boyd have won the hearts of the critics with their highly electric and energetic performances. Whether with 2018’s Alive in the East?, 2017’s Journey to the Mountain of Forever, Moses’ Dark Matter or Binker’s Abstractions of Reality Past & Incredible Feathers, the duo breaks new ground with every project and is a mainstay of the London jazz scene. Feeding The Machine is their first studio album in five years, recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio alongside Max Luthert. The British artist allows Binker and Moses’ instruments to cross over into ambient and experimental electronica through the use of modular synthesizers and sampling, with both musicians pushing to be creative in order to “feed the machine” at all costs. This process can be heard on the track “Accelerometer Overdose”, whose 10 completely hypnotic minutes presents a palpable musical conversation between each member of the trio. 

Moses and I wanted to evolve the sound of the band, without bringing in other instrumentalists, as we did on previous albums”, says Binker. “To expand the sound of the saxophone and drums, we decided to ask Max to assist us with the modular part. Most of the sound material emanating from the modular synth is actually the result of working with the original acoustic sounds of the saxophone and drums.” 

Moses adds, “This album is less about form and melodies. It’s about pushing the boundaries of our creativity in a new way. And I think we’ve accomplished something special that I’m very proud of.” 

Feeding The Machine by Binker and Moses, out on February 25 via Gearbox Records. 

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