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Vicktor Taiwò Announces New Audio/Visual Project, Reveals First Extract 'Shovel Moonlight'

London-based, Nigerian born artist Vicktor Taiwò has revealed “Shovel Moonlight”, the first preview of an exploratory audio/ visual project titled First Movement.

“Shovel Moonlight” showcases Taiwò’s rich vocals over a sensational production to create a compelling new offering. A powerful song who takes inspiration to hip-hop combined with the omnipresent voice of the young crooner, revealing a lot of inner emotions in Taiwò as he explains : “I’m writing this song, and in my head I have a person I’m talking to, a person really close to me I feel needs to hear this. And I keep on writing it, and I finish it. And it sorta strikes me, the person that needed to hear this was maybe myself. And fam, I cried. For a long time and in a room full of people, I just sat there and ugly cried.”

The audio/visual project will accompanied by a short film fully devised and executed with Vicktor Taiwò at the creative helm, marrying his intricate sounds with enthralling visuals.

First Movement is set to be released on 6 April via Innovative Leisure.

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