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South African Electronica Label Subterranean Wavelength Releases Debut Compilation

Featuring exclusive tracks only, Wiretribe compilation is a perfect way to get familiar with South Africa label’s roster.

Wiretribe reflects just as Subterranean Wavelength’s boundless approach to production  – blending multiple genres like Boom bap, Trap, Soul, Dubstep and even House music -as the effervescent spirit of Johannesburg. Artists and producers such as Kajama, Micr. Pluto, Daev Martian, OTHRZ, Je Suis Ohne or Premath play in style with raps and soulful vocals, over colorful pads and funky bass lines.

According to the label, “the compilation was curated to serve as an introduction to the artists and their sound, as well as to capture the blossoming plumage of electronica emerging from the Joburg scene at the moment.”

Listen to Wiretribe below, and follow Subterranean Wavelength on TwitterFacebookSoundcloud and Bandcamp.