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Incantations and remixes on Mawimbi's new compilation

Mawimbi Vol 2

Parisian crew Mawimbi unveils second Radio Mawimbi compilation, including works from Umoja, Around The World, Yeahman, LSD, Déni Shain, TBB and Midnight Ravers.

Mawimbi’s goal is simple: “undiscovered musical territories thanks to chance encounters with likeminded DJs/producers, who were kind enough to put them onto a good amount of under-the-radar tropical gems.” Named after their bi-monthly radio show on Rinse France, the “Radio Mawimbi” compilation series is dedicated to “unearthing vintage tropical gems in the form of free download edits and remixes by some of the most seasoned diggers and promising rookies of the tropical-enthusiast community! From deep, drum-heavy workouts to essential Guinea Bissau melancholy, through remixed Beninese afrofunk and vintage South African kwaito, this second installment features the editing and remixing works of Yeahman (Frente Bolivarista), LSD (Love Saves The Day), Déni Shain (Analog Africa/Antagana Records), Umoja, Mawimbi, ATW (Around The World), Calisto, Turbo Boom-Boom (TBB) and Midnight Ravers.

Radio Mawimbi Vol. 2 is available for a symbolic sum of one euro via Bandcamp.

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