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BlackFace Family produces the club music of northern Malawi

With a new release from BlackFace Family, record label 1000HZ presents the electronic sound of northern Malawi.

BlackFace Family’s music can be heard in disco-parties at Mzuzu local clubs. They shape their own sound blending elements of hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, rnb, afropop, kwaito-house and many others. The group calls this blend of styles kukaning’inako (which means from the Kaningina mountain).

The style reflects “african deep fascination in digital media and technologies, juggling with western and african genres. It can brings to ones mind musical postmodernism, though it has totally different background and context. In effect it forms an original mix of feelings – in the same time a chill, relax, dancing fever, camp-like over-stylisation and hip-hop social engagement” explains the label.

The African Drums (Ng’oma Za Chifirika) project is collection of songs only recorded with one old microphone, monitors from hi-fi stereo set, a desktop computer with outdated versions of some software and half-working audio-mixer.

Listen to African Drums (Ng’oma Za Chifirika) on our ‘afro+electro’ Spotify playlist or below.