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Total Hip Replacement gets down with Kwashibu Area Band on "Smoke and Mirrors”

A Danish-Ghanaian collaboration for a reggae-highlife throwback. 

Written and recorded in a single session, “Smoke and Mirrors” is the result of a meeting between the Danish musicians of Total Hip Replacement and the Kwashibu Area Band, an iconic Ghanaian highlife group led by multi-instrumentalist Kwame Yeboah. This first single is a unique track, adding a touch of funk/highlife to the groovy reggae of the Total Hip musicians. The track also announces the release of a new album by the group in the spring of 2022.

For too long, we have lived in uncertainty and inaction”, says Victor Hosbond, lead singer of Total Hip Replacement, about the inspiration behind the track. “So we felt writing and recording “Smoke and Mirrors” was a great sense of relief. To just go into the studio and play music together gave us some power back in our hands and minds and sparked a sense of hope for better days to come. For me, that feeling of taking action is the glory of the song.”

Total Hip Replacement is a seven-piece band, known in Denmark for its energetic concerts. The band has played extensively in Scandinavia, but also in Africa, especially in Ghana where they met Kwame Yeboah and his entourage. Having collaborated with artists such as Pat Thomas, Cat Stevens, Craig David and Patrice, the musician is a pillar of Ghanaian music. 

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