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Mélissa Laveaux Shares Beautiful Handmade Painting Animation For 'Angeli‑ko'

Inspired by 1920’s Harlem Renaissance movement. 

“Angeli-ko” is Mélissa’s reinterpretation of a song about the American occupation of Haiti, originally performed by Haitian troubadour Auguste L’Instant de Pradines in the early part of the 20th century. Laveaux had known the song since childhood, but when she came across it again during a visit to Haiti, it was the catalyst for what would become Radyo Siwèl. As Mélissa explains, “the moment I knew Radyo Siwèl was going to be about the occupation was when I found this song. Angelique Coles was the wife of the navy general overseeing the American occupation, and the song is about a young woman called “Angeli-ko” who can’t cook, clean, mend or sew, and someone tells her she should go back to her mother’s house to learn. It’s telling the Americans that they don’t know how Haiti works and to get the f*ck out.”

Created by the Temple Caché Studio using vivid hand-crafted line and painting animation, the humorously defiant new video for “Angeli-ko” depicts the Haitians’ response to the US occupation of the island between 1915-1934 and the subsequent withdrawal of troops. A fresh and colorful journey that matches with the story.
Thanks to the magic of animation, the video lightly brings us in Haitians’ daily life – all with humor and poetry. A way to remember how Haitians have preserved their freedom, culture and dignity during this tough period.

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