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Tia Maria: a Príncipe dream team revel in batida on EP

DJ Danifox, DJ B.Boy, DJ Lycox and Puto Márcio meet on the Lei Da Tia Maria EP from the Portuguese label Príncipe, with the aim of expelling violence from everyday life.

The daily aggressions that we suffer are sometimes difficult to deal with, especially at a time when we remain confined to our own problems and those of our immediate surroundings. Tia Maria, a certified dream team, has the recipe to expunge our pain and take a little musical respite in a good dose of dirty batida and hot-tempered DJs, ones who can’t resist sumberging themselves in the bad vibes. A prime example of this happened when Lisbonian Danifox, now based in Leeds, England, returned to his native land where he saw the local electronic effervescence of Lisbon’s immigrant neighbourhoods, which went on to influence the already flagship track “Xupetilson”: “you’re coming to bite me but you’re not a dog” or on “Aguenta,” “you showed contempt, you didn’t nurture, so now deal with it.

DJ Danifox – “Xupetilson”

Officially, Danifox has only a year’s experience in the game, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding his place alongside the other early geniuses of the Tia Maria Crew, Puto Márcio, DJ B.Boy and DJ Lycox (based in France). With their kuduro and baile funk rhythms propelled into a dark, urban soundscape shared remotely between producers on WhatsApp files, the DJs continue the tradition of exchanging records outside mainstream circuits, and embody the batida spirit of the early days. 

The EP Lei Da Tia Maria is available on the Príncipe label.

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