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Dope Saint Jude makes a romantic return with "Home”

After a break of almost two years, the South African bad grrrl returns in sensual style with a modern and lush video. 

“Home” is Dope Saint Jude’s take on a romantic song. Addressing the intimacy and tenderness of a relationship, the rapper embraces her punk style in this new track about “finding a place of comfort in a lover’s embrace.” The track, a follow-up to “Go High Go Low” unveiled in 2020, is the first single from Higher Self, her upcoming project in which she will meditate on the values that govern her life.

“Higher Self is my most introspective EP to date,” she explains. “I wrote it in the midst of a pandemic, when I had time to take a break and reflect on my life. I had moved to another country, found love and was making my way in the world. It became necessary for me to mark this moment. A friend once told me that ‘making music is like casting spells’, and I take that very seriously. I believe that the music I make can define my existence. So it’s important to me to create pure music that reflects who I am, where I want to be and where I’m going.”

Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius aka Dope Saint Jude is originally from Cape Town. After studying political science and founding South Africa’s first drag-king collective in 2011, this feminist activist studied sound production and released her first solo project Reimagine in 2016. Her second EP Resilient, released in 2018 and recorded in London, had seen her tackle themes such as social, racial and sexual equality. “Some people make music lightly, like it’s a game,” she had told us in an interview. “But for me it’s important, because where I come from, very few women have the opportunity to live the life I do, to be able to speak and meet as many people as I do, and have the impact that I have the opportunity to have.”

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