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5 albums to discover this week

Our week's selection includes a rebajada compilation, Tuareg blues, Mzukulu's latest, the good vibes of Trazyx and the afrofuturist techno of Dopplereffekt.

Saturno 2000

Analog Africa

German label Analog Africa has put together a compilation album of rebajada singles entitled Saturno 2000. The Mexican genre – the specific origins of which are disputed – came to be in an effort to make the Colombian cumbia fit better with the Mexican dance steps. People had a hard time dancing to it so a slowed-down version was created by Mexican sonideros (sound-system operators). It became known as rebajada, a word which comes from the Spanish meaning  “to reduce or lowered”. DJ Lengua was the one who compiled the tracks of Saturno 2000, most of them having never been released or even performed. 

Listen here.



The Tuareg band Terakaft returns with a new three-track album entitled Jagwar released via French-label Secousse. The band, originally from Mali, is a major part of the rich Saharan rock and blues scene. Formed twenty years ago, its history is also intertwined with the Tinariwen collective, of which some of Terakaft’s musicians are members. Jagwar was produced by British guitarist Justin Adams and it is accompanied by a novel written by the band’s manager Philippe Brix. “In the desert, the dry air carries sound with clarity”, he writes. This dual project explores different themes about life living in the Sahara, about the hardships and evoking the day-to-day life of the Tuaregs.

Listen here.



Renowned Maskandi artist Mzukulu returns with Phendula, his most recent undertaking. The six track EP features an impressive number of other South African artists such as DJ Tira, the Qwabe Twins, Dlala Thukzin, Mnqobi Yazo, Black Moses and contributions from Mk Productions. In Phendula, Mzukulu combines Maskandi and traditional music with other genres which proves the musician’s versatility. It follows his previous album Ivila Laselawini released last year.

Listen here.

No Bad Vibes


Nigerian singer Trazyx unveils four-tracks EP No Bad Vibes released with label Eze Empire Records. It is the second EP of the Ondo-born artist after Arrivals released in 2020. As the name suggests, Trazyx tried to imbue this afropop project with all his positivity. With a cheeky smile and “Plenty Krukutu” Trazyx EP is a welcome arrival for the coming summer months. 

Listen here.



Dopplereffekt just released a new album entitled Neurotelepathy with German label Leisure Records. The afrofuturist techno band based in Detroit were able to experiment with new sounds during their three years in isolation, the result of which being this second LP with Leisure Records. It is mainly the work of the duo formed by Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan who claim to have achieved near-telepathic capacity for collaborative thought and mechanical construction through this album. As such, it is constructed as an oracular narrative of cerebral entanglement and advancement.

Listen here.