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Skiibii: "I think I have grown to that level where I think I should have my own record label"

Nigerian singer opens up about his music and plans.

Born Abbey Elias, Skiibii Mayana is a Nigerian popular singer, he was signed to Five Start Music in 2014 where he released a number of hit songs like ‘Ah Skiibii’. He left his former label last year to start More Grace Music, his own creative enterprise, MoreGrace Music World, where he is working on his debut album.

Skiibii’s most recent song, ‘Sensima’ is a save experimentation with new sounds and it’s currently enjoying waves. In this interview, he opens up about his music and plans.

Can you start by telling me about your name, Skiibii?

Skiibii means ‘a smart and sharp person’. My Uncle gave me the name, he used to call me ‘Omo to Skiibii’, so when I asked, he said it means ‘a sharp and smart person’.

You have a new song, ‘Sensima’ with Reekado Banks, what does Sensima mean?

Sensima is a slang. It refers to when something is on point. It’s a slang down here.

Is there going to be a video for Sensiima?

Of course, yes, there is going to be a video. We are working on it, no date yet but definitely we are going to have a video for it.


When did you record your first song?

Officially, it was 2015. It was with Five Star Music.

You have songs for the dance floor, is that what your music is about?

I have like three to four songs that are dancehall songs. I have some other kind of songs, I have a love song, I have inspirational songs like ‘Aiye Mii’. ‘Aiye Mii’ is inspirational, a prayer song, you know, encouraging my people and praying for the people for supporting me and thanking God for my life, that’s another kind of sound.

How will you describe your music?

Good music.

Who do you think is the best producer in Africa?

There is a lot of them that are very good. I am going to mention more than one, Del B, Maestro, they are both very good, the guy that produced this my last song, Chizzy, we also have the likes of Young John, we have Pheelz Mr producer and many more. If I want to keep up I am just gonna go on and on.

Why did you leave Five Star Music?

It’s not for a fight or quarrel, I think I have grown to that level where I think I should have my own record label and I want to stay on my own. I have this mutual agreement between me and my CEO, E-Money and Kcee, we spoke about this. I even spoke with E-Money yesterday and to be very honest, me and Kcee spoke today and we suppose to see next tomorrow. We are on good terms, no problem, no fight.

So, you have your own label now?

Yes, which is More Grace Music.

You are planning to sign an artist soon?

Yes, when I am ready. For now, we focus on Skiibii.

When are you going to release your debut album?

Probably next year. We are working on it.

Which artiste would you like to work with?

I have songs with some people that are not even out yet. I have worked with Wizkid but it’s not out yet, I have worked with a lot of people but I still have a lot of people I want to work with like Wande Coal and a lot of them. It’s a good vibe actually, everybody is talented in their own field. I would like to work with 2face too, I am just working on that.

What do you think about the music scene in Nigeria right now?

It’s booming, it’s different from how it used to be, everything now makes sense.

And the new sounds?

Sensima is a different sound totally when you listen, a lot of people are now trying to sample that sound because the sound is different, if you listen to it well, you can’t actually place it on any sound right now. It’s very pure and clean.
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