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Santi's music video for "Sparky" is a short about death, grief and friendship

Nigerian artist’s new self-directed video clip explores a deep and touching storytelling.

Lagos born Santi does not stop growing and expanding his artistic universe and his expression palette. Through both his new wave Dancehall tracks tainted with R’n’B and his self-made video clips, the multi-media artist creates a singular audiovisual ecosystem.

Following the success of his track “Rapid Fire”, Santi unveils the visuals for “Sparky”, single released a few weeks ago. The smooth and dreamy beat was made by Odunsi The Engine and Le Mav.

The highly cinematographic video with oversatured colours features three young women centered around a narrative about death, rage, grief, friendship and betrayal.

“Sparky is a film about consequences and the minds of different people and how small events lead to unexpected results” says Santi. “I wanted to do more storytelling in visuals because it’s an important medium in which we can bring out various emotions in people.”

Listen to “Sparky” in our Noir Wave playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

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