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Nüfrika and Gafacci join force on new single 'Bye Bye, Viens'

With extra vocals by Voodoo, a member of the Ozadya collective.

Nüfrika consists of Rolv.K & Pekodjinn, Swiss-based producers and Djs. Rolv.k originated from Sierra Leone and Pekodjinn from and Tunisia (North Africa).

Gafacci is known by combining the ancient sounds of Angola and Ghana with contemporary Afrobeats. The Accra-based producer has collaborated with fellow Accra-born artist Bryte and genre-hopping producer Mina. His debut EP Ahunda was released last year.

Influenced by the music of Gafacci, Rolv.K & Pekodjinn invited him to record some stuff during his passage in Geneva. The additionals vocals by Haitian artist Voodoo were added later. The result is a smooth urban sound that sits well with the worldwide global club sound.

The 6-track EP effort lands at the end of the week. Pre-order Sahel EP now.