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Esnard Boisdur's outstanding track "Mizik Bel" reissued on Favorite Recordings

Esnard Boisdur

“Mizik Bel” is a mix of modern gwoka and zouk, with a revolutionary spirit that makes it a unique and powerful document of the culture and the history of the Antilles and the Caribbean.

The drumming style accompanied by the beautiful melodic intonation of Esnard Boisdur fascinated music lovers around the globe for decades. Initially played at the Tropical Discoteq in Paris by DJ Nomad, this amazing unreleased track received on a home-burned CD draws the attention of Pascal Rioux from Favorite Records. It became clear that the track needed to be accessible to people who wanted to play it while giving the original artist full credits.

The licensing work and the search for the stems resulted in an ongoing three-year quest that was crowned by the finding of the ADAT containing the original tracks. “I remember the first time I listened to this type of drumming and signing, live at the re-enactment of the slave riots, and being completely emotionally overwhelmed by it.” reminds DJ Nomad.


As Africaine 808, Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad stretched it on remix version, adding synth part without losing the focus of Esnard’s beautiful voice and lyrics, describing caribbean music in all its diversity and beauty.

Mizik Bel out on September 16th. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.