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Strut Records releases new compilation dedicated to sounds from the Indian Ocean

Celebrating the Malagasy National Holyday, Alefa Madagascar : Salegy, Soukous & Soul from the Red Island 1974 1984 references the cultural movements of salegy, soukous and soul-folk from Madagascar.

Born in the fifteenth century, salegy was inspired from traditional ceremonies and acappella chants called antsa. Relying on fast-paced 6/8 and 12/8 rhythms, it quickly developed into a popular local dance, namely thanks to Jean-François de Comarmond’s Discomad music label.

Discomad promoted a new generation of artists blurring genres and blend traditional instruments with new electric instruments, at a time when the radio mainly broadcasted music from Congo, Angola, Mozambic, South Africa and Kenya.

Powerful call-and-responses, strong vocal choirs and triplets made-up for what would become a very popular music genre on the island, competing with the importation of foreign music genres.

Curated by Reunion-native DJs La Basse Tropicale et mauritian art director Percy Yip Tong, Alefa Madagascar is a tribute to Malagasy popular music.

Alefa Madagascar, out on September 6th on Strut Records.

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