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Neue Grafik Ensemble pays tribute to London sound in ‘Hedgehog’s Dilemma’

French producer, instrumentalist and DJ, Neue Grafik, builds a new band in London for brand new mini-LP Feulden Road to comes September 27th

After building a strong rep for himself over the past few years, Neue Grafik brings his Parisian roots and his love for London sounds like broken beat & grime into his new ensemble. This collection of 7 tracks reflect the many moods and various genres indicative of Neue’s creative approach.

The band kickes the energy levels with ‘Hedgehog’s Dilemma’, featuring the vocals of poet and rapper Brother Portrait, present on several tracks on the project. In Neue Grafik’s own words “this mini album has been conceived as a journey from Deptford to Dalston, right through Peckham. During a personal period of transition, I put this music forward at a crossroad of all my influences, taking the time to share and experiment with a band – more than that, an ensemble.”

Neue Grafik Ensemble’s Foulden Road  is released on limited vinyl & digital on September 27th via Total Refreshment Centre. Check out the artwork below and pre-order it here.

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Foulden Road cover