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Nesrine announces solo album

The Franco-Algerian singer and cellist Nesrine announces a first eponymous record. She emancipates herself in a classical, pop and jazz style, infused with North African musicality.

Nesrine’s personality is crossed by different musical genres and her music seems to have no boundaries. An hybrid style reflecting her life story: she grew up in France with Algerian parents and studied classical cello until she was able to join Daniel Barenboim’s East-Western Divan Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Opera of Valencia (Spain) conducted by Lorin Maazel.

Nesrine – Rissala

Her voice and cello are a fascinating fusion of North African musicality, classical music, pop and jazz, sung sometimes in Arabic, sometimes in French or in English. Her remarkable polyglot talent confuses the issue of genre, especially the cello which sometimes takes itself for a guembri, a guitar or a brass instrument. Nesrine’s aerial voice contrasts with the rhythms of percussion instruments and reveals the deep and intimate links that can exist between all these musical currents, freeing herself from pre-existing genres.

Nesrine out on October 30.