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DJ Danifox reunites Lisbon squad in "Esquadra FB" music video

In a PAM exclusive, DJ Danifox and director Johel Almeida take us behind the scenes of the new visual for “Esquadra FB,” a cut from the artist’s EP released on Point Records earlier this year.

Daniel Veiga aka DJ Danifox is one of the most unusual actors on the batida music scene that has emerged in Lisbon in recent years. He is one of the very few beatmakers associated with batida to have dared to include his own voice in his compositions. This is precisely what he told us last February, at the time of the release of his second EP, the well-named “Quem é o Palhaço” (Who is the Clown): “I took this EP a step further by singing on it, which gives me more melodic ideas to work, even if it is not usually associated with batida. I plan to explore more percussive elements on the next release.

After the music video for “Na Palmeira” was shot in a spectral Los Angeles several months ago, the Lisbon-native returned to his hometown to shoot his headstrong single “Esquadra Lar” this summer. Director Johel Almeida tells us more about the eccentric and irresistible visuals: “I chose this place because it has a very urban look that suits me well with the style of music and what it represents.” Shot just a stone’s throw from the famous modern district of Parque das Nações on the banks of the Tagus River, Johel explains the smooth process behind the video, as well as its starting point: “The idea came up after a brainstorming, I had the idea and Danifox liked it. The filming was easy and calm, there was no problem, the scenes had already been chosen in advance so it was just a matter of finding the best shot and filming.

In a manner befitting the song’s title, DJ Danifox assembles his squadron of gifted youngsters on the new batida scene, like DJ Adamm and Vanyfox: “My relationship with DJ Adamm and Vanyfox is something of a long time, in which we met in 2016 in the hope of one day being something musically influential.”, he explains. Moreover, there is a reference in the music video to another young batida big shot in the form of DJ Lycox, represented by the sensational masked dancer, who is almost the main attraction in the video.

Listen to DJ Danifox in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

DJ Danifox’s Quem é o Palhaço EP is out on Point Records.