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Dandana shares thoughtful music video "Ndanka Ndanka"

The collective releases its new album today, Free The System.

Dandana invites us to slow down time with “Ndanka Ndanka” — which means “easy easy” in Wolof . It refers to the Gambian mentality of taking the time day by day. The ambient DX7 marimba intro by Modou Joof embodies the Gambian countryside peace and humbless. When the talking drum calls, it slowly evolves into a melancholic sound that takes the inner soul for a universal journey. The character we are following is an albino Rastaman from Nigeria. He expresses love, unity and humbleness in its deepest meaning: “Respect to di youth dem. Respect to di man dem. Who are hussling on dem streets. Always remember that, positive thinking will always bring a positive thought.

Dandana is a musical collective with musicians from the Netherlands, Senegal and The Gambia who pays tribute to traditional West African rhythm and grooves, and the love for ambient and synthesizers.

Dandana recorded the album in Gambia and Senegal and it is with some hope for the younger generation that their project tries to deal with new ideas and minimal means: “Life in Africa is easy and peaceful somehow. Beautiful sunlight, beautiful nature, the natural ressources and also the beach too is beautiful in Africa. No matter how the wind disturbs the palm tree. It can never stop it from dancing.”

Listen to Dandana in our playlist Songs of the Week on Spotify and Deezer.

Free The System is now available via Rebel Up Records.

Dandana – Free The System