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Zap Mama's debut album gets vinyl reissue on Crammed Discs

Originally released on Crammed Discs in 1991, Zap Mama’s a cappella debut album has become a classic, and influenced a large number of vocalists and musicians around the world.  

Zap Mama consisted at the time of five young women (founder and leader Marie Daulne, Sabine Kabongo, Sylvie Nawasadio, Cecilia Kankonda and Céline Thooft) who, inspired by their mixed African/European origins and by the cosmopolitan environment of their hometown Brussels, created a wonderful a cappella body of work incorporating influences from Congolese pop, Arabic tunes and many more.

The album was recorded in Brussels at Crammed’s erstwhile in-house studio. Zap Mama (Adventures in Afropea) became one of Crammed’s all-time best selling records. It was nominated for a Grammy and topped the Billboard’s world music chart.

Zap Mama (Adventures in Afropea), reissued on November 15th via Crammed Discs.

Zap_Mama - 1991