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Be With Records reissues masterpiece album The Now Generation: Percussive Underscores

Peter Luedemann and Pit Troja 1983’s outstanding album reissued by Be With Records. 

This is the one. An absolutely outstanding record from 1983 and definitely one of the hardest to find on the collectable German library label, Coloursound.

Originally released in 1983 and full of synth funk, afro beats, exotica, dance floor dynamite and all-around greatness, The Now Generation: Percussive Underscores is comfortably one of the very best library records full stop. The record has been remastered from the original analog tapes. Richard Robinson has brought the original Coloursound sleeve back to life in all its metallic silver glory. Its definitely still one of the hardest to find on the German library label, Coloursound.

The record comes galloping out the gate with a pair of rapid synthy-eurodisco bombs – the title-track and “Panama”- before slowing down to a woozy pace on “Inorganic Matter”. “African Nightclub” sounds like it reads, and is a particular favourite of Norwegian record producer and DJ Prins Thomas. The Now Generation: Percussive Underscores is a library masterpiece in no uncertain terms.

The Now Generation: Percussive Underscores, out this December via Be With Records.

The now generation percussive underscores