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Da Lata shares poetic music video 'Mentality'

To celebrate the release of their highly anticipated fourth album Birds, Da Lata just reveals the music video of ‘Mentality’, a journey through London Afro-Brazilian soul music. Welcome to London tropicalia.

Gathering his family of collaborators with diverse musical backgrounds in soul, jazz and gospel as well as African and Brazilian forms, Birds is an album that finally lays waste to that tired idea of ‘world music’. 

Its an album of warm organic grooves infused with sophisticated funkiness and splattered with instrumental color. From the Afro skank swagger of the low slung opener ‘Mentality’ to the Beatles-esque pathos of the closing title track, it’s a record packed with soulful surprises and beguiling rhythms. It’s kind of a melting pot of the capital’s musical life. The visuals by Xu Tianhao and Chinese artist Wang Zjian lead to contemplation and wonder.

Birds, available on all platforms via Kartel Music. Discover the art cover below.

Da Lata - Cover