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Young SA rapper Andy Mkosi warns you: This Audio is Visual

Young South African rapper Andy Mkosi had release a “very experimental project, from the sound to the imagery”.

Andy has studied photography at the Cape Town School of Photography and also camerawork at City Varsity. She grows up listening a wide range of music genres and writing poetry. Words rhyme fascinated her, so in 2008, she started to bring Hip Hop artists together in order to interpet lyrics. Few years later, she started rapping for an audience.

Andy Mkosi just had recently releases an EP titled ‘Audio is Visual’. ” It is driven by imagery. It’s an attempt to merge my photography with music. It’s a very experimental project, from the sound to the imagery. It’s like an opinion piece on things going on around me.” she explains for Creative Nestlings. “I am known to do a particular sound of music. With this EP I push myself out of that box completely. I have interpreted the messages on the songs to photographs. The things that go on around me are things like black excellence, woman abuse, self-love, just a lot of things.”

The rapper is a Young African Creative Network member, a research and development company with creative network that focuses on the growth of young African creatives on the continent.

Listen to Audio is Visual via Soundcloud.