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Black to the Afrofutur

Parisian crew Mawimbi invites us for a Rinse France radio show this monday 3th april at 2pm (CET). Subject: Afrofuturism.


“Afrofuturism explores the future in a black context, incorporating technology and fantasy to provide an escape from the oppressive past and ailments of the present through music, visual art, and literature.” Daja Henry

From Sun Ra to Drexciya, by way of Parliament-Funkadelic, OutKast and Prince, discover our favorite tracks from this limitless movement. Mixed by Sun Gun.

BONUS : listen to the AFROFUTUR playlist on Spotify or Deezer.


Sun Ra – Space is the Place
Sun Ra – Theme Of The Stargazers
Sun Ra – My Brother the Wind
The Galactic Force Band – Space Dust
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Sun Ra – Ufo
ESG Moody (Spaced Out)
Parliament – The Motor-Booty Affair
George Clinton – Paradigm
I Roy – Space Flight
The Ohio Players – Funky Worm
OutKast – Aquemini
Sun Ra – Dance of the Cosmo Aliens
Strafe – Set It Off (Vocal)
Sexual Harrassment – I Need A Freak
The Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69
Prince – Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive)
The Egyptian – Lover Freak-A-Holic
Cybotron – Cosmic Cars
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Jupiter Jazz
Boo Williams – Mystical Journey
Carl Craig – Sandstorms VCO Update
Drexciya – Welcome to Drexciya
Arpnaet – Infinite Density Edit
Arpanet – Illuminated Displays
Der Zyklus – Die Daemmerung Von Nanotech
Transllusion – Dimensional Glide
The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me
Drexciya – Birth of New Life