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Livy Ekemezie's legendary disco album just got a repress

Odion Livingstone give a reissue treatment for one of the most sought after Nigerian disco album.

Originally released in 1983 and pressed at William Onyeabor’s vinyl plant (the blue vinyl replicates the original vinyl pressing), Livy Ekemezie‘s Friday Night LP could be found on Discogs around 1000$. But thanks to the based out of Lagos record label Odion Livingstone, you can now buy the vinyl at a reasonable price or even stream it on Spotify.

Livy took almost one year to record the album. He financed it by himself, loaning money from his friends in order to pay session men and studio time in “one of the best studios available in Nigeria at the time”.

Livy Ekemezie explains :

“I was just out of senior secondary school and I wanted to make an album,” recalls Ekemezie. “I was into disco and funk at the time and I was looking for a bassdriven funky sound. The entire idea was to make an album that sounded like something made in London or the U.S. I tried to sound “American” but we ended up with something else: a mix of American and Nigerian.”


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