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Lafawndah to release remix album with worldwide guest features

The multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer is about to release her remix album, Ancestor Boy II with both Linn Da Quebrada and Pininga as guests on the ‘Storm Chaser’ edit.

Lafawndah is half-Egyptian, half-Iranian, and grew up in Paris, where she studied art, with a brief stint living in Mexico where she fell for cumbia and salsa. She also spent part of her childhood in Tehran. All these trips have profoundly shaped her musical identity, which we discover in full on her debut album, Ancestor Boy, released in March, 2019.


To push her globalized sound approach further, she invites artists from all around the world to join her on remixes for her forthcoming album Ancestor Boy II.  Malian rapper Ami Yerewolo, Beijing DJ Howie Lee, Brazilian artists Linn Da Quebrada and Pininga, are all invited on the ‘Storm Chaser’ edit above.

Ancestor Boy II, is out on December 6th via Concordia Records and available on pre-order now.