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Batida and Mayra Andrade united for a better tomorrow on "Bom Bom

The Luso-Angolan producer invites Cape Verdean songstress for an hopeful afropop anthem that announces the release of his next album.

Against all likelihood, it was the lockdown that allowed Pedro Coquenão aka Batida and Mayra Andrade to get closer. While they have known each other for a few years now, the two Lisbon artists found during these moments of interruption the opportunity to exchange, both artistically and on a human level. Their newfound complicity and their music sharing gave birth to “Bom Bom”, first extract from Batida’ new album to be released this year. Once the restrictions were lifted, the duo joined together in the studio to give shape to the fragments of melodies they had sent each other via audio messages on their respective cell phones.

“Bom Bom” is a call to catch a glimpse of light where darkness predominates, an enthusiastic song to hold one’s head high and to claim what is good for the whole of society. Therefore, these two ambassadors of the exciting Afro-Portuguese scene invite us to dance while reminding us that no evil lasts forever. In addition to this new album in preparation, you can find Batida each month on his show Neon Colonialismo on the London radio Worldwide FM.  

Listen to “Bom bom” in our playlist Songs of the Week on Spotify and Deezer.