$pacely represents La Même Gang with his mixtape Fine$$e Gold Be Fine$$ed

The rapper of Accra’s most creative collective has just released his first EP, as the band prepares to play at the AfroNation festival.

The project, like most of the releases of La Même Gang, is full of energy. On 10 tracks, multiple genres are explored: if “Ready” sounds like RnB, “Sweet” resembles more alte music and we find on every track the influence of hiplife, this particular fusion between rap and highlife, and afrobeats sonorities. The raw material is still hip-hop. Despite the difference in language and style, the influence of New York rappers like A$AP Rocky or Playboi Carti is clearly felt on tracks like “Intro:Walahi”, “Paid” or “Uber”. The whole thing is remixed in a Ghanaian style, as on most of the La Même Gang projects. In the music of Nxwrth, Darkovibes, Kiddblack, Kwaku BS or RJZ, the common vector is always the freshness of the sounds and the “revolutionary” side that they themselves advocate. Indeed, La Même Gang is more than just a band: it is an urban collective with multiple tasks and talents. Production, filmmaking, fashion, music, singing, rap, the six partners intend to make music but also “to influence the culture”. A culture they want to globalize, as the featurings on the $pacely project attest: there are many Ghanaian artists (Joey B, Kofi Mole), but also big names from Nigeria (Odunsi the Engine, BOJ) and the United Kingdom (Brudda Nay).

Fine$$e Or Be Fine$$ed is available on all platforms and has been released on the Labadi Music label.