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Shouka up to release new Mettani album, Divīne


Shouka is about to launch their ninth release in the label’s history with Divīne from producer Mettani.

Shouka is a record label established in 2013 by electronic musicians Amine Metani & Nessim Zghidi under the motto “Third-World Music & Cultural Re-appropriation”. It was born out of the inceptive will to document disappearing musical legacies, such as Tunisian Stambeli. The label is active all over the Mediterranean basin, and is a structuring and loyal player among the shattered local scenes and industries. It has, for instance, produced the Under Frustration compilation project, curated by Tunisian collective Arabstazy, which takes stock of the contemporary Arab electronic scene, and highlights its astonishing diversity.

Mettani’s new album Divīne is a journey through the ambivalent manifestations of the sacred. It’s an industrial North African bass trip into the dark ceremonies of resurrection. It is the first part of a triptych in which Mettani, founder of the Arabstazy platform, explores some of the rarest moments of observable humanity.

Divīne, out on December 13th via Shouka. Discover the album artwork below and pre-order it now here.

Mettani - Dvine