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Afrofuturist Ugandan singer Awori meets French beatmaker Twani on new opus SEEDS

Awori - Twani

On the seventh cut from SEEDS series, singer Awori infuses a gorgeous neo-soul vibe onto bewitching production by Twani.

Photo by Elsa Rakoto

Cyn Awori Othieno aka Awori is a singer and a rapper originally from Uganda. Now active in the Geneva hip-hop scene for the past ten years, she went all in on the international scene as part of the afro futurist duo Kami Awori. The singer starts 2019 with a new solo project while continuing her pan-African musical activism with the collective 30 Nuances de Noire.

She teams up today with Twani, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Lyon, also member of American beatmaker collective Young Ho Collective. On “Cortex Iuxta”, which can be translated as “close to the brain”, the songstress reflects on the diversity of emotions a person can experiences after an argument within a couple with an introspective touch. This meeting is the 7th opus of the SEEDS collection initiated by the Galant Records label.