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Prince of sega Michel Admette on new Bongo Joe compilation, Soul Sega Sa Vol.2

Michel Admette

Just before dropping the second volume of Soul Sega, Bongo Joe reveals a new extract from Reunionese singer Michel Admette.

On December 6th, Schweiz label Bongo Joe captures for the second time the most precious sega treasures on this thrilling new compilation, Soul Sega Vol.2. Today, the label honors the Reunionese artist considered the prince of the sega with his track “Zanguille 4 couleurs”.

Prolific singer and admirable reviewer of the Creole daily life, Michel was surnamed the prince of the sega after his hit “La route en corniche”,  the largest local market on the island. Less famous but equally inspired is the modern sega-maloya and blues track “Zanguille 4 Couleurs”, which recounts a mythical fishing story, where a fisherman man poaches a rare eels for his beloved.

Soul Sega Sa Vol.2 is out on December 6th via Bongo Joe. Discover the album art below.

Sega Soul Sa Vol2 Album Cover