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Buju Banton is suspicious of smartphones on new dancehall single 'Trust'


Buju Banton unveils a brand new authentic dancehall track produced by Dave Kelly.

Earlier this year, the Jamaican singer unveiled two new singles in two very different styles, the reggae roots “Country For Sale” and “Steppa” which is more in line with the rub-a-dub genre. Recently, Buju Banton has released “Trust”, a track deeply entrenched in an era where artists express their mistrust of new technologies and explore the ills caused by social media and smartphones. The track is produced by his first sidekick Dave Kelly, who is behind the concept of his Mr. Mention album, released in 1993.

“New style, new flow,” it’s with this announcement that this modern and heavy dancehall track begins. Indeed, Buju renews himself by opting for as minimalist an instrumental as possible, leaving space for his nuanced flow to stand out.