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Thanks to Secousse, Zouk is not dead

Retro Zouk Vol. 2: the times have changed for Zouk music!

“Two years ago when the first episode of this mix came out, most people who didnt have a clue about this Caribbean culture would just laugh every time you mentioned the word. Nowadays, countless Djs have joined the cause (in France at least), compilations are released, and the price of OG vinyls has exploded. Nothing could make me more happy. For this music brings back a forgotten time, the Black Paris in the Eighties. Where cosmopolitanism, cultural diversity and togetherness could be actually witnessed. The Benny Malapa directed ‘Paris Black Night’ cult documentary, which gave this mix its intro sample, is a crucial witness of that era.
In those dark times, may Zouk show us the way to peace and happyness for all of us.” Etienne DJ Tron

Listen to Retro Zouk Vol. 2 :